Rahul Gheewala

First Class (Hons)
Computer Science with a Year in Industry MSci (5 Year Course)
Software Developer Intern @ IBM
Incoming Data & AI Consultant @ IBM


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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Rahul and I have completed a Computer Science degree at the University of Birmingham. My interests lie in the fields of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science and Programming in general. I have a strong passion for solving complex technical problems, always taking into account efficiency and performance. I am always on the quest for discovering new ways of coding algorithms, in order to better my knowledge and improve my skills.

Along with other hobbies, in my free time I enjoy watching interviews with entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos etc. I watch these with the intention of learning good habits with which I am able to add value on whatever I am working on. One interview which resonated with me in particular was a TED Talk with Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux. In this interview, he explained using a simple but elegant example, how good programmers are able to identify ways of writing code such that special cases become the normal case. Since viewing, I try to abide by this example in all my practices.

My interest in Computer Science first began when I started watching the Crash Course Computer Science playlist, I was intrigued and fascinated to learn more, so I began making notes. After completing the course, I also began researching the discipline and explored the multiple fields of Computer Science. It was at this point I made the decision, to transition from a route in Medicine to Computer Science.

Despite having limited experience in programming and being advised against choosing my degree given my circumstances, I decided to take upon the challenge as I feel I thrive in these conditions. Whilst simultaneously completing my year one assignments, I began following online programming tutorials, coding practice problems and questioned friends and lecturers for help. I would also like to give credit to my university for providing me with the 'Concepts in CS' module which I found to be excellent in providing me with an understanding of ground principles. After many late nights at the Computer Science labs and extra research, I now feel extremely confident with my array of skills and understanding of my subject. I believe this reflects on my results for my first three years where I averaged 74%, 78% and 70% respectively (70% equates to a First Class result).

In my free time I continue to enjoy solving coding challenges and participating in online hackathons. As of now, unfortunately due to the world wide pandemic I have not been able to attend an official in-person Hackathon but I am hopeful with restrictions easing, this will be made possible in my third year. I am also in the process on working on 2 independent projects, to read more about these please visit the projects section in this website.

In terms of personal attributes, I have the following:

  • Fast Learner
  • Hard Worker
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Ability to adapt to new situations
  • Leadership
  • Efficient
  • Responsible

  • I plan to use my skills and expertise to succeed as a Software Engineer or a Software Developer, both as an Intern, and when I graduate. If you would like to get in contact, please see my Contact Details at the bottom of my website.

    Exam Results


    Qualification Level Grade
    Computer Science Degree First Class (Hons)
    Mathematics A Level A
    Chemistry A Level A
    Biology A Level A
    Methods in Mathematics GCSE A*
    Application in Mathematics GCSE A
    Additional Science GCSE A*
    Core Science GCSE A
    English Language GCSE B
    English Literature GCSE C
    Religious Studies GCSE A*
    History GCSE A*
    Geography GCSE A*
    French GCSE B
    Business Studies GCSE A*

    University Results

    Module Academic Year Final Mark
    Final Year Project 5 83%
    Neural Computation (extended) 5 59%
    Natural Language Processing (extended) 5 70%
    Teaching Computer Science at Schools (extended) 5 84%
    Industrial Placement 4 Completed
    Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing 3 76%
    Algorithms & Complexity 3 58%
    Computer Vision and Imaging 3 77%
    Human-Computer Interaction 3 67%
    Intelligent Robotics 3 75%
    Machine Learning and Intelligent Data Analysis 3 64%
    Software Engineering 2 84%
    Systems Programming in C/C++ 2 79%
    Team Project 2 82%
    Functional Programming 2 77%
    Security & Networks 2 71%
    Artificial Intelligence 2 2 72%
    Logic & Computation 1 100%
    Data Structure & Algorithms 1 83%
    Artificial Intelligence 1 1 86%
    Mathematical Foundations in Computer Science 1 58%
    Object Oriented Programming 1 55%
    Concepts in Computer Science 1 64%

    Extracurricular Activities

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games


    Though not confirmed at the time of writing due to an upcoming interview process, I have sent an application to be a Volunteer for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games. With the University of Birmingham being an official parter, I feel extremely fortunate to be given the chance to partake. With this role I hope to improve my communication, team work and organisational skills.


    Employee of University Guild of Students


    I am currently employed by the University of Birmingham to help introduce new students to the university, this involved roles such as:

  • Welcome Visits – door-knocking in Bournbrook to introduce students to the Community Wardens
  • Helping out with the Mentors stall, giving out flyers and speaking to students about the scheme.
  • Helping out in arrivals weekend, which included helping moving the luggage of new students to their new accommodation, introducing family and friends to the local area and answering any queries.
  • Helped to fill any out of hours job roles, necessary for the smooth running of events.
  • Student Ambassador

    2020 - Present

    I am employed as one of approximately 20 Undergraduate Student Ambassadors who represent the School of Computer Science.

  • Supported new students coming to experience what the University has to offer.
  • This included interacting with potential students, running tours around the campus and being knowledgeable about the key landmarks, as well as discussing my experience and answering their questions.
  • Being a good communicator - enthusiastic and positive, I enjoyed the interactions and hoped to put people at ease, alleviating their concerns and helping them to get a rounded and honest view from my perspective.
  • If you are interested, please see my student profile Rahul Gheewala UoB

    Society Committee Member


    During my second year of study I ran as the CocSoc Publicity Officer. I found this to be an exceptional opportunity to enhance my communication skills through liaising with other members of the committee and communicating with members. This opportunity allowed me to further develop my Photoshop skills which I used for advertising, promoting events and creating recipe cards for events. UoB

    Optique Opticians Ltd


    With my Father being the owner of Optique Opticians Ltd in Thurmaston, from the young age I have taken on certain responsibilites where possible to help the business

  • Worked as a receptionist, answering phone calls and booking patients for appointments
  • Maintained the website, Optique Opticians to meet the requirements of the business
  • Used QuickBooks to handle business payments and invoices
  • Formatted and cleaned CSV data using Python and further imported this data into Excel.
  • Implemented conditional formatting on pre-existing Excel sheets used in the practice.
  • Collected and compared pricing data across competing retailers, presenting this data in a useable format
  • National Citizen Service


  • Successfully completed NCS
  • Led my team and raised approximately £400 for Charity
  • Learned many valuable skills
  • UoB

    Beauchamp College Sixth Form


  • Achieved 3 Grade 'A' A levels including Mathematics
  • Recognised as a 'High Achiever', invited to exclusive talks
  • Achieved Gold in UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge
  • English Martyrs Secondary School


  • Achieved 6 A*, 2A, 2B, C
  • Received 'Head Boy' Award
  • Received 'Head of Department Business Studies' Award
  • Form Captain
  • Achieved Bronze in UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge
  • Took part the UKMT Team Maths Challenge, where I was one of 2 members of the year group selected due to attainment
  • Was selected for and successfully completed the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme
  • Achieved certificate for Public Speaking Excellence was was selected to be a Judge for a Debating Competition
  • Cubs & Scouts


  • Mastered new Skills and left my comfort zone
  • Learned from a young age, the value of honesty and respect
  • Learned survival techniques and Camping experiences
  • Took part in Charity events and supported locals in times of need
  • Took part in parades, most notably, Remembrance day
  • Skills

    Programming Languages / Software

    2.5 Years
    2 Years
    6 Months
    6 Months
    6 Months
    6 Months
    6 Months
    1 Year
    Premiere Pro
    1 Year
    6 Months
    6 Months
    3 Months